My name is Billy and I am a native Texan who somehow wound up in California. Fortunately, whenever I’m in need of Texas barbeque I can hop on a plane without having to check my bank account first. You see, my father works for Continental Airlines (now called United) and one of the perquisites is that our family can fly standby for free as a “nonrevenue” passenger. Usually, if I plan it right, there are no issues snagging any unsold seats, but there have been some extremely inconvenient predicaments where I’ve been trapped at an airport unable to get home. You get what you pay for right? Anyhow, the goal of this blog is to not just post about my misadventures of flying standby, but to get into the habit of clearing my thoughts and jotting them down.

“The worst way of flying, I think, is standby. It never works. That’s why they call it standby. You end up standing there going, ‘Bye!'” – Jerry Seinfeld